Wednesday1stWomenStroke - Medal
Thursday2ndMenSingles & 2BBB Stableford
Saturday4thMenStroke - Medal
Pro's Knock Out Qualifying
Saturday4thWomenStroke - Medal
Tuesday7thMen & WomenOpen Medley Single Stableford
Wednesday8thWomenSingle Stableford
Thursday9thMenSingles & 2BBB Stableford
Saturday11thMen & WomenHolden Scramble
Tuesday14thMen and WomenOpen Medley Single Stableford
Thursday16thMenSingles & 2BBB Stableford
Saturday18thMenSingle Stableford
Rnd 1 Pro's Knock Out
Saturday18thWomenSingle Stableford
Tuesday21stMen and WomenOpen Medley Single Stableford
Wednesday22ndWomenSingle Stableford
Thursday23rdMenSingles & 2BBB Stableford
Saturday25thMenSingles & 2BBB Stableford
Rnd 2 Pro's Knockout
Saturday25thWomenSingle Stableford
Sunday26thMen & WomenRound 5 Sunday Mixed Series
Tuesday28thMen & WomenOpen Medley Single Stableford
Wednesday29thWomenSingle Stableford
Thursday30thMenSingles & 2BBB Aggregate Stableford